The 17 rules of soccer

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Soccer sports is governed by 17 laws as prescribed under the official Laws of the Game Irrespective of the level of the match ranging from junior high school level matches to the professional world cups the rules followed are the same. However some special modifications are allowed when junior and senior players play or for women’s soccer matches as also in the matches played by physically challenged people. The rules have been set in IFAB (International Football Association Board) but FIFA publishes the laws of the game. While the base rules are limited to 17, depending on experiences and past decisions and directives IFAB reserves the right to regulate edition and addition of rules.

Amongst all the rules of soccer, offside is considered the most complex one. The main reason could be because the attacking ability of the players is limited by the offside law Rules also specify as to what kind of base equipment the players of soccer should carry while playing out the game. Called the kit, it includes adequate shin guards, shirt, shorts and footwear with socks. While headgear is not mandatory, considering the amount of risk of head injuries involved many players prefer to wear protective headgear