Brazil World Cup is Just Around The Corner, So Who Will Win ?

Written by Administrator. Posted in Sports News

It's hard to imagine it's been 4 years already and yet another wonderful experience is up and coming, and I'm talking off course about the world cup coming to you this summer from Brazil, no less. The south African experience was crazy!, so many fans from around the world discovered again the African continent, and despite fears of disorder and what not, the organization was actually great, the fans were happy and the soccer..ah the soccer!

Spain was the big winner in the last tournament (and the two euro tournament before and after that) which is quite amazing,. But can the Spaniards do it again? How about Argentina? can Leo Messi, the best player in the world, as many believe, can actually carry his friends to take on the world cup on Brazil soil no less ? or will the locals, the wonderful Brazilian teams with star player Neymar and others, can they bring home the trophy and celebrate the Brazilian way ?

Time will tell, and anybody who wishes to gamble now, on who will win the cup is doing exactly that..Gambling. . it's a short tournament, and anything can happen in a few games span. The team that will be the most focuses and in the best shape will have the best chance of winning it, but anything can happen on the grass. A player can get injured, or get a red card, you can get a crazy goal, or maybe the referee isn't in your favor?

The world cup tournament is one of a kind. It plays every four years, in a different location, and the eyes of the world are on that tournament. Brazil got a huge help, by hosting this tournament, and immediately will host the Olympics after that. (Two years later). For Brazil, it seems, they already won, but can they bring the trophy home? in early July of this year, we will get all the answers.