Rugby Glossary

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The world of rugby is filled with certain words, which are beyond the comprehension of common people. You are one of those people looking to understand the words used in the game, the following information will help:

• Forward pass: This refers to a violation, which usually results in a scrum to the defending team.
• No-contact rugby: This refers to a version of rugby, which is exclusively designed to introduce the game to the players playing for the first time. In this, a tackle replaces the two hand-tags.
• Throw-in: This refers to throwing the ball down the middle of a lineout.
• Try line: This is the end boundary of the field also sometimes referred to as goal line.
• Touchline: The side boundary of the field is known as the touchline. It is also sometimes referred to as sideline. • Set Piece: This is a term mostly used for scrums and lineouts. These are known lineouts as they are the only choreographed plays of the game.

These were some of the words commonly used in a game of rugby. A person has to familiarize with these words to if he wants to play a game of rugby.