The terminology of baseball

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Every sport has its own set of words, which the players need to familiarize to get a better feel of the game. Baseball is no exception. The following are some of the most common words used in Baseball. Appeal: An appeal is the act wherein a fielder claims a violation of a rule by the opposition or the offensive team

• Batter: The batter is the offensive players who hits the ball from the batter’s box
• Dead Ball: This is a ball out of play occurred mostly due to temporary suspension of play
• Pitch: The pitch refers to the ball delivered to the batter
• Pitcher: The Pitcher is the fielder who delivers the pitch to the batter
• Run down: This refers to the act of the defense to put out a runner
• Throw: A throw is the act of throwing the ball with the hand and arm. This has to be distinguished from the pitch

These were some of the most common words used in a game of baseball. If you wish to understand the sport of baseball better, then it is mandatory to get a good knowledge about the words most commonly used in baseball, and if you wish to get some online baseball action, you can always try 888 Poker, where they have everything you need to have fun online.